Anwaltsakademie’s (Austrian Lawyers Academy's) training courses support the legal training requirements for lawyers. The seminars serve as preparation for the bar exam. All programmes are accepted by the relevant Law Societies.

Further training

Anwaltskademie’s (Austrian Lawyers Academy's) further training courses are designed to up-date and strengthen the professional knowledge of already licensed lawyers.

Most of these programmes are also officially accepted for aspirant lawyers.

In 2022 the Anwaltsakademie (Austrian Lawyers Academy) organized 195 seminars across Austria with nearly 6,200 participants. The majority of the lecturers are practising lawyers, but the teaching staff also includes university professors, judges and business trustees.


In addition to the existing offer of Anwaltsakademie, we offer PODCASTS. This gives prospective lawyers, lawyers and other interested professional groups throughout Austria the opportunity to inform themselves about the most important topics and decisions in civil and criminal law beyond the general offer.

Registered office

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Dr. Peter Gruber, BSc (WU)